New Urban Homes specialises in narrow and small lot homes. Our experience enables us to maximise the potential of your narrow block and ensure that your new Brisbane home achieves your desired design and consists of the elements that are important to you. Small doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or finish; in fact, we enjoy the challenge of meeting your individual needs and preferences and creating that special home for you. Our standard narrow/small homes are just the beginning of what we can create for you. Alternatively, bring us your small lot plans or designs or let us start from scratch and create the home of your dreams. Let us unravel the mystery of the small lot code, and make your dream a reality.

small lot designs in Brisbane
Metro Collection New Brisbane Homes
Metro Collection New Brisbane Homes

Be confident

New Urban Homes has successfully built in Brisbane for 13 years. We are proud of the reputation we have for a good quality finish in our homes. Our goal has always been to build homes we are proud of. We don’t believe in cheap fittings or quick fixes. We strive to build a house that our clients will be proud of for many years to come. Our portfolio of building projects is an extensive one, consisting of both large and small lot homes. Our specialty is creating the home that you want with only the restrictions of imagination and budget. New Urban Homes has moved progressively forward with the market and currently specialises in narrow/small lot homes.

The process

New Urban Homes offer a complimentary design service wherever you are in Brisbane. One of our home design teams will meet you on site to look at your land, and then arrange for another meeting to discuss your ideas and requirements for your new home. At that point, your new home will start to unfold. This initial design brief is to prepare a concept plan and elevation based on the ideas you provide. With all the information you have collected and the checklist, the designer will be able to take all this in. The designer will then work on the project and return with the initial concept drawings for consideration.

Metro Collection New Brisbane Homes
Metro Collection New Brisbane Homes


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